The Road to Complete Privileged Access Begins with Identity

Larry Brock

Larry Brock

Mr. Brock is the principal at Brock Cyber Security Consulting, LLC. His primary focus is to help companies improve their capabilities to protect, detect and respond to attacks on their intellectual property from both insider and advanced cyber threats. Previously and for more than 11 years, he was the Global Chief Information Security Officer at DuPont. Prior to this role, he has work in other Information Technology Positions, Marketing, and Research & Development at DuPont and as a Security Officer within the USAF. Within DuPont IT, he was the CIO of the Nylon Flooring business unit. He has also led the development and implementation of several large systems including; manufacturing product control, materials management, engineering maintenance, quality management, and data warehouse systems. While working in the Corporate IT group, he led the migration to open-based systems for both networking and computing. In DuPont Research & Development, Mr. Brock led the development and deployment of imaging based systems, including a patented system to electronically move radiographs between hospitals and remote physicians. He served as an Information Security Officer within the U.S. Air Force and assigned to the National Security Agency (NSA). He served on active duty at the NSA for 4 years and then in a reserve capacity for 26 years. Mr. Brock has BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and is a Certified Information Security Manager, CISM.

About this Webinar

How To Add Privilege To Your Identity And Access Management Deployment To Achieve Complete Visibility Within Your Organization

Identity and access management (IAM) technologies help IT security teams create, manage and protect digital identities. Once those identities are established, privileged access management (PAM) helps IT security teams manage access control to sensitive data, applications and networks. Where identity and access management focuses on all digital identities, privilege access management targets the special requirements of powerful accounts inside an enterprise through privileged password, session, and application access.

So, how do you combine the power of IAM and PAM to get the best of both worlds? Watch this on-demand webinar with Larry Brock, Principal at Brock Cyber Security Consulting and learn:

  • High-level overview of IAM and PAM solutions
  • What is lacking with IAM implementations?
  • What is lacking with PAM implementations?
  • The value of integrating IAM and PAM implementations