The Dark and Bright Side of Enterprise Password Management

Paula Januszkiewicz, Security MVP, CEO at CQURE

Can you count on one hand just how many passwords of mid-complexity you need to memorize in order to do your job, on a daily basis? How are you managing those passwords effectively and securely within the Enterprise?

Join Security MVP, Paula Januszkiewicz, in an upcoming webinar where she will walk attendees through best practices for managing passwords (and prevent a hash attack) plus demo where passwords are stored and how to decrypt them.

During this webinar, Paula will also touch on:

  • Where the technology weaknesses are and how to take passwords from the Operating System to perform several operations
  • The unexpected places your passwords reside and how to mitigate pass-the-hash attacks
  • How password attacks are performed and the typical paths for credentials to leak

This webinar will be heavily demo focused and is one you won’t want to miss!