Stop the Evil, Protect the Endpoint

Eric Cole, SANS Instructor

In today’s cloud-first, mobile-first world, sensitive and business critical information is increasingly accessible via mobile endpoints.

In most organizations, the endpoint is the exposure point that too often is a low priority. Many organizations will claim, “we have full disk encryption; therefore, our endpoints are protected.” The problem with this logic is once a user logs in, or their credentials are stolen, endpoint encryption provides minimal protection for data on the endpoint. If a user logs in and is connected to the Internet and the device subsequently gets compromised, the exploit (malware or hacker) gains full access and full disk encryption is essentially moot at this point.

The primary measure required to properly protect an organization is to control and manage access to the critical information that is both stored on the laptop and accessible to the various user accounts on the system. This webinar will explore the four pillars of protecting the endpoint – least privilege, application control, password management, and user behavioral analytics. When used in concert, these capabilities will better secure access to critical enterprise data.

Join SANS faculty fellow and industry-recognized security expert, Dr. Eric Cole, in this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How adversaries target and exploit the endpoint
  • Ways of protecting and securing the endpoint
  • Effective ways to implement least privilege, application control and authentication
  • Creative ways to detect the adversary via behavior analytics