Privileged Accounts: What are They? Where are They? How Do You Find Them? What to Audit?

Kevin Sullivan, former Group Policy MVP and Configuration Management Expert

So many accounts to manage and determining which ones require special attention can be difficult. What exactly is a privileged account and what techniques can we use to discover and manage those accounts? We’ve covered general areas of managing privileges in prior webinars, let us take this time to peel the onion back a bit more and see what lies beneath.

User Rights Assignments and Security Settings are broad topics. Highlighting specific configurations that are of interest will help narrow auditing efforts to ensure you focus on the right areas for you and your organization.

We also briefly discussed Just Enough Administration or JEA. Let’s take a deeper look here and see how the system works and how activities performed by approved administrators can be tracked.

Join Former GP MVP and Configuration Management Expert, Kevin Sullivan, as we discuss;

  • What is a privileged account? (to you and your organization)
  • What about local admin? How to control?
  • User Rights Assignments and Security Settings
  • Deep dive into Just Enough Administration (JEA)