Pre-empting Mimikatz Attacks on Privileged Accounts Using Password Isolation Human Presence MFA

Randy Franklin Smith, Security Expert

Credential artifact attacks like those made commonplace by mimikatz are tough to fight and trying to prevent artifacts and/or clean them up after the fact is a losing approach in this battle. Mimikatz attacks like pass-the-hash, golden tickets, harvesting of cached credentials work against privileged accounts because 1) a given endpoint is compromised by malware with local admin authority and 2) the admin has or will use a privileged account on/from that endpoint. The sequence of #1 and #2 don’t matter. They just both need to occur on the same endpoint. This webinar will discuss all the scenarios in technical detail to help you clearly see what it takes to pre-emptively control mimikatz-related risks to privileged accounts.

Tune in for this real training event that not only delves into the interesting technical risks, but also provides solid, practical solutions for addressing them.