Password Credential Security: Things to Consider and Not Overlook When Storing Identities

Krystian Zieja, CQURE Academy Trainer

About this Webinar

This on-demand webinar featuring IT security expert Krystian Zieja along with CQURE Academy Security Experts, Greg Tworek and Mike Jankowski-Lorek, will reveal the technology weaknesses in credential security, and how specific misused actions within the operating system can cause detrimental outcomes to organizations. Attendees will also see first-hand:

  • How password attacks are performed
  • The typical paths where credentials can be leaked
  • How to prevent these credential leaks

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Krystian Zieja, CQURE Academy Trainer

15 years of experience in the IT, system administration and performance tuning, as well as database administration software development and security field. Krystian is a professional Infrastructure and Database Consultant with over 15 years of extensive experience in designing IT solutions. His practice spans from teaching Oracle Courses in OAI at University, to providing services for big public and consulting companies serving Clients from four continents. Being a holder of numerous IT certificates such as OCP, MCSE, MCDBA and CISP, he is highly skilled in management as well as in programming SQL and NoSQL databases.