Mitigating Risk in Aging Federal IT Systems



About this Webinar

The challenges of securing aging federal information technology are squarely in the sights of agency leadership, legislators and even the White House. But, how widespread is the problem and what are federal IT professionals doing to address the risk?

A recent survey of Federal IT professionals commissioned by BeyondTrust shines light on a Federal IT environment where outdated infrastructure is pervasive, rousing significant cybersecurity concern amongst Federal IT professionals.

Securing aging outdated infrastructure from external and insider threats is difficult at best, and unfortunately, there is no fast or easy wholesale fix. But, wherever you are today on the path to modernization, there are impactful steps you can take to further mitigate risk.

In this webinar session, BeyondTrust’s Senior Federal Engineer, Shunta Sanders, will identify and explore:

  • The kinds of risk legacy Federal IT solutions pose to security
  • Tactics Federal IT professionals are using to combat cyber risk
  • 4 best practices to secure environments today, and post-modernization

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