External Attacks Against Government Privileged Accounts

Rod Simmons, Director Product Management

Rod Simmons, Director Product Management

Rod Simmons brings more than 15 years of system security experience to BeyondTrust, designing solutions for the company’s portfolio of Privileged Account Management solutions for enterprise environments. Prior to his role at BeyondTrust, Rod spent more than four years with Dell/Quest software, where he served as the director of technical strategy. Earlier in his career, Rod was the director of product management at Netpro Computing, where he managed the technical and business direction of all products for the Microsoft Platform.

About this Webinar

A cyber security breach compromising millions of user records was recently reported. We’d be willing to bet that most of us didn’t give that headline a second look. When it comes to a breach nothing is shocking any longer. It has become a foregone conclusion that organizations will be breached and lose data.

The question is what can we do? How can we better secure ourselves? How do we help our users better secure our organization?

All is not lost. In order to answers these questions, we need to take a look at the data. What do we currently know about the different incident patterns of a breach? What are the common threads? More important, what can we do differently to avoid being the next headline article?

Cyber security expert, and BeyondTrust Director of Product Management, Rod Simmons explores answers to these questions including:

  • Understanding the threat to privileged accounts
  • External threats that morph into trusted insiders
  • Risk mitigation across 3 layers of attack
  • Least privilege strategy