Common Privileged Password Mistakes & Identifying their Hidden Security Risks

Eric Cole, SANS Instructor

Eric Cole, SANS Instructor

Dr. Cole is an industry-recognized security expert with over 20 years of hands-on experience. Dr. Cole has experience in information technology with a focus on helping customers focus on the right areas of security by building out a dynamic defense. Dr. Cole has a master's degree in computer science from NYIT and a doctorate from Pace University with a concentration in information security. He served as CTO of McAfee and Chief Scientist for Lockheed Martin. Dr. Cole is the author of several books, including Advanced Persistent Threat, Hackers Beware, Hiding in Plain Sight, Network Security Bible 2nd Edition, and Insider Threat. He is the inventor of over 20 patents and is a researcher, writer, and speaker. He is also a member of the Commission on Cyber Security for the 44th President and several executive advisory boards. Dr. Cole is the founder and an executive leader at Secure Anchor Consulting where he provides leading-edge cyber security consulting services, expert witness work, and leads research and development initiatives to advance the state-of-the-art in information systems security. Dr. Cole was the lone inductee into the InfoSec European Hall of Fame in 2014. Dr. Cole is actively involved with the SANS Technology Institute (STI) and is a SANS faculty Fellow and course author who works with students, teaches, and develops and maintains courseware.

About this Webinar

Do you ever wonder why organizations that spend significant money on security still have breaches? The answer is that they are not focused-in on the right areas. Network monitoring is important, but ultimately security comes down to whether you are properly controlling privileged access. From passwords to other privileged access vectors, gaining better visibility is the key to success. The difference between a major and a minor breach is not the server that was compromised, it was the data that was ACCESSED.

SANS faculty fellow and industry-recognized security expert, Dr. Eric Cole, shares his tips and tricks to properly implementing a privileged password management strategy with solutions that make it easier for your users, but difficult for the adversary.

Eric will also discuss:

  • How implementing layers of privilege management helps prevent hacker intrusions
  • Easy fixes to common cyber security privileged password mistakes
  • Understanding privileged password management and how to build access barriers
  • Identifying the improper use of password encryption methods and how to fix

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Eric Cole, SANS Instructor