CISO Peer Webinar: Aligning Privilege and Vulnerability Management

Larry Brock 57:56

In today’s hectic threat environment, peers and mentors can provide fresh perspectives on tackling IT security challenges. With a 30-year career, including CSO of Dupont and security leadership positions at the U.S. NSA, Larry Brock is a good guy to have at your table. Join BeyondTrust for the first in a series of CISO Peer webinars in which Larry will share actionable tips gleaned from working with some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations.

During this first webinar in the series, Larry will discuss how to align your organization’s privilege and vulnerability management activities for more agile and efficient risk reduction. You’ll hear how he did this at Dupont and learn from case studies on:

  • Evolving risk management practices to stay current with business and compliance drivers
  • Understanding the connections between user- and asset-based risks in your environment
  • Facilitating streamlined, collaborative risk reduction between Security and IT Operations groups
  • Creating a prioritized action plan for addressing the imminent threats

This webinar is ideal for any security leader interested in practical lessons from the real-life successes (and failures) of a true veteran in the field.