Calling All Vulnerability Scanners: Be on the Lookout…

Alejandro DaCosta, Product Manager, Retina CS

Alejandro DaCosta, Product Manager, Retina CS

As Product Manager, Alex DaCosta is responsible for designing the company’s Vulnerability Management solutions. Alex joined BeyondTrust via the company’s acquisition of eEye Digital Security, where he held senior positions as Security Engineer in both pre and post sales operations. As a Senior Security Engineer, Alex was responsible for the success of demonstrating, architecting and implementing the Company’s enterprise solutions. Alex graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Management Information Systems.

About this Webinar

Are you tired of reports that raise more questions than provide answers? Fed up with your inability to prioritize what to fix and when or frustrated by emerging threats continually blindsiding you? Good News – your life is about to get a whole lot easier. Regardless of whether you use BeyondTrust Retina, McAfee, Rapid7, Tenable (Nessus) or Qualys scanners (or some combination), you may have just found what you’ve been looking for – A single reporting and analytics engine that turns all your scan data into relevant and actionable intelligence – enabling you to remediate threats faster and more decisively. Want to see this live and in full color?

BeyondTrust Retina Product Manager, Alex DaCosta, rolls up his sleeves during this on-demand webinar and takes you for a journey deep inside BeyondInsight. No slideware or marketing speak here, just in-depth demonstrations of BeyondInsight’s rich reporting and cutting-edge analytics capabilities – register today and experience your vulnerability data in hi-definition.

You will learn how to:

  • Prioritize vulnerabilities using Heat Maps, Predictive Analytics, Exploit Correlation, and more.
  • Group your assets, users and events together to spot outliers and anomalies.
  • Combine scanner data for broader systems and network coverage
  • Build Custom Reports just the way you like them