Active Directory Auditing: Get the Auditors Off Your Back, in 1 Hour or Less

Nick Cavalancia, Founder/Chief, Techvangelism

Nick Cavalancia, Founder/Chief, Techvangelism

Nick Cavalancia has over 20 years of enterprise IT experience, 10 years as a tech marketing executive and is an accomplished technology writer, consultant, trainer, speaker, and columnist. Nick has attained industry certifications including MCNE, MCNI, MCSE and MCT and was once accused at TechEd of "not having enough digits" in his MCP number (which only has 5). He has authored, co-authored and contributed to over a dozen books on Windows, Active Directory, Exchange and other Microsoft technologies and has spoken at many technical conferences on a wide variety of topics. Previously, Nick has held executive marketing positions at ScriptLogic (acquired by Quest, now DELL Software), SpectorSoft and Netwrix where he was responsible for the global messaging, branding, lead generation and demand generation strategies to market technology solutions to an IT-centric customer base.

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If you’ve ever been audited, you know it’s less fun than pulling teeth. Increasingly more detailed questions, digging deeper into your AD environment, the changes made, and the impact of those changes, with each question becoming more and more difficult to answer, taking more of time you already can’t spare.

So is there a way to simplify the process and get answers quickly?

Industry expert and founder of Techvangelism, Nick Cavalancia, talks about ways to speed up the auditing process, getting the answers you need in an hour or less.