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Where would you look if you were required to gather information about changes and activities in your Active Directory or operating system? What would you do if an attacker got into your infrastructure, used a server's misconfiguration, and created themselves an account? Those possibilities are endless and very frightening to any IT security person. The dark secrets your operating system may be hiding seem endless but there are ways to audit, trace, and protect beyond what you may actually see. Join Security Expert & MVP, Paula Januszkiewicz and see firsthand how to perform varying analyses and audits to gather evidence and identify malicious and unwanted actions within your infrastructure.

Join Security Expert, Paula Januszkiewicz in this engaging session and become familiar with:

  • Tracking system-related changes and updates
  • Establishing informative monitoring & auditing techniques
  • Identifying what areas malware may be leveraged
  • Tracing the steps of unnecessary changes or malicious activities