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The approaches and goal of security have changed over the years. Previously, security was about preventing and stopping the adversary. Today, security has shifted to one main goal: control and reduce the amount of damage caused by the adversary. The area where most organizations are failing is timely detection. If an organization could identify the adversary early on in the compromise, the impact to the organization could be greatly reduced. The key to success is shift from reactive approaches like incident response to proactive approaches, most commonly referred to as, threat hunting. Learn how to find the adversary, control the damage, and minimize the impact to your organization.

Join SANS Top 20 Critical Controls Author and industry-recognized security expert, Dr. Eric Cole in this on-demand webinar, where he will cover the following discussion points:

1) Understand how adversaries compromise a Windows system

2) Method of finding and tracking adversaries

3) How to identify and reduce the dwell time of a compromise

4) Metrics that can be used to track the effectiveness of security controls