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The Unix/Linux Security Puzzle: Easier To Solve Than You Think

Every organization, no matter its size, has many layers of information users – with various levels of access to the organization’s data and information resources. Many of these organizations use Unix/Linux as its operating system to process this data. Some of these users might have access to specific, highly sensitive data, and others may not. Whatever access a user has, hackers are interested in trying to take advantage of that access to gain entry into the organizations Unix/Linux environment and especially the privileged accounts that contain the most coveted information.

Your privileged accounts are referred to as “the keys to the kingdom” because they are a primary target for cybercriminals who understand the value of these accounts and will do whatever they can to access and control them and it is your responsibility to protect them. This webinar will examine how solutions such as privileged access management (PAM) technologies are designed to make the management of privileged accounts easier and ensure that only the users you designate can access your organization's most sensitive data.

Tune into this webinar with Security Expert, Derek A. Smith, to learn:

• The security challenge of Unix/Linux systems

• Why using the Sudo command to secure Unix/Linux privileged accounts is not sufficient

• What you really need to protect your privileged accounts

• Tactics to effectively manage Unix/Linux privileged accounts

• Understand how users utilize root