Almost every network is vulnerable to a cyberattack, and today’s bad actors are relentless. Advanced cyberattacks can nest inside a network for more than 200 days on average before discovery, which is plenty of time for an attacker to stealthily gather private data, monitor communications and map the network.

The key to blocking a cyberattack is not only knowing the steps that most bad actors take, but also controlling privileged access. If you have the ability to control privileged access, a cyberattack can be mitigated and you can avoid making the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Watch this webinar for insight on:

  • The typical steps often used in cyberattacks
  • The critical importance of securing and controlling privileged access to stand up to today's threats
  • How Bomgar's solutions can help protect your organization's most critical systems and data.

Looking for the slides from this webinar? Download them here!