Today’s support centers spend a lot of money and resources on technology, including phones, service management, remote support, self-help, and knowledge base systems. Unfortunately, most organizations only leverage the most basic functions within these tools, rather than exploiting the wide variety of available features. Often this is due to user learning being left to “tribal knowledge” versus formalized training. In addition, support centers make processes more complicated by not integrating systems in order to provide a seamless path for both customers and support agents. When systems aren’t fully utilized or integrated, agents are forced to jump between multiple tools and processes, slowing down issue resolution and creating inconsistent and poor support experiences for customers. In this webinar, Sara Lisch, Business Solutions Manager at Bomgar, will outline how organizations can fully utilize integrated web-based technologies to better resolve issues and provide a stellar customer experience. Sara will cover: - Basic and advanced usage of remote support, chat, knowledge base and ticket management tools - How to utilize built-in features to enable a consistent support experience and a more streamlined workflow - Best practices for integrating systems and processes to provide a seamless experience for customers and agents.