Attackers will exploit vulnerabilities and user privileges to gain a foothold in even the best- armored organisation. However, more often than not, they find a weak link that was caused by an organization’s human hands. In fact, a startling 66% of cyber security breaches reportedly originate from insiders, either via employee negligence or conscious, malicious actions. Once on the inside, hackers use access and privileges to move laterally through the network, taking control of more assets, and picking up credentials and critical data as they go.

Regardless of whether an organization’s users are negligent, careless, or simply uninformed, implementing the right privilege security controls is essential to thwarting attackers from moving laterally as well, as helping to prevent attackers from gaining an internal foothold in the first place.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The key human factors that contribute to security breaches
  • Solutions that can help mitigate human error
  • How adaptive multi-factor authentication can provide real-time insights into user behaviour prior to authenticating
  • How privileged account security can limit lateral movement and reduce human risk factors