The Department of Homeland Security has issued an advisory for the “Backoff Point-of-Sale Malware,” which has compromised nearly 600 U.S. businesses. According to Karl Sigler, threat intelligence manager with Trustwave, “The criminals gained initial access through remote access systems set up on many POS systems for support and troubleshooting purposes. They would run a brute-force attack on the remote access system's passwords.” Most IT departments, outsourcers and vendors rely on remote access tools, such as Microsoft Remote Desktop and LogMeIn, to access and work on remote computers and systems. But these tools are too often readily accessible from any Internet location and rarely configured to require multi-factor authentication, making them easy and popular targets for hackers. In this webinar, Boatner Blankenstein, Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering, and Bryan Hood, Sr. Solutions Engineer, at Bomgar, will walk through the Department of Homeland Security’s recommendations for securing remote access, and explain what support teams need to do to implement these guidelines. They’ll also share best practices for improving remote access security beyond the basic recommendations to further protect systems from malware and data breaches.