A recent Forrester Research survey found that when IT and business organizations are asked whether IT delivers high-quality, timely end user support that anticipates employee/customer needs, there is a huge disparity. IT professionals think they are doing a good job, whereas the business disagrees. For most IT organizations, the service desk is the most used single point of contact (SPOC) for business customers¹, making it the lens through which all of IT is viewed. If IT leaders want to improve customer service and the perception of IT, they need to stop obsessing over traditional service desk metrics, and start analyzing whether the quality of interactions is meeting the business’s expectations. In this webinar, Forrester Senior Analyst Amy DeMartine, will outline the questions Infrastructure & Operations leaders should be asking to fully understand whether their service desk is meeting business needs. Amy is a member of Forrester's service management and automation team, which serves I&O and service support and delivery professionals in improving, optimizing, and automating the services they offer to business consumers and users. Amy will also share five key strategies for improving the customer experience and keeping the service desk relevant. In addition, Nathan McNeill, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Bomgar, will provide an overview of some best practices and tools service desks can implement to support these strategies.

¹”This Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Service Desk”, Forrester Research, Inc., November 15, 2013