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Join Windows & IT Security Expert, Russell Smith in this upcoming webinar where he will show you how to configure Microsoft's free Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) tool to secure local administrator accounts. Organizations often use the same password for local administrator accounts across all devices, leaving them vulnerable to Pass-the-Hash (PtH) attacks, which can result in sensitive domain credentials being exposed. LAPS automates regular changes of local administrator passwords, and securely stores passwords in Active Directory (AD).

By the end of the session, you will understand:

  • The problems associated with managing local administrator passwords.
  • How hackers use PtH attacks, and leverage local administrator accounts to move laterally across networks undetected.
  • How to install LAPS on a management device, and deploy the Group Policy Client Side Extension (CSE) to managed devices.
  • Configure Group Policy to automatically update and store local administrator passwords in Active Directory, and how to retrieve the passwords.