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As the use of mobile computing devices we own continue to increase in popularity, keeping sensitive corporate data in the confines of an intranet isn’t a realistic goal. Users can copy data and distribute it using personal email or cloud storage services, putting not only intellectual property at risk but also personally identifiable information.

In this session Russell Smith, Windows Security Expert and MCSE, looks at how Windows 10 Anniversary Update can be used to prevent data leakage, without changing the user experience, on both personal and company-owned devices. You’ll learn why Microsoft thinks that WIP is better than traditional DLP solutions, what the requirements are for WIP, how to make it work for your enterprise, and how WIP can be used in conjunction with least privilege security, application whitelisting, and Azure Rights Management.

Join Russell in this on-demand webinar where he will cover:

  • What is Data Leakage Protection (DLP)?
  • WIP vs. DLP
  • WIP requirements
  • Implementing WIP in your environment
  • Using WIP as part of a defense-in-depth strategy