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Vulnerabilities are defects that require a patch, upgrade or configuration change. Once a vulnerability is discovered, it is only a matter of time before an attacker can take advantage of the defect. Companies cannot afford to lose time when it comes to Vulnerability Management, as they may suffer immeasurable losses as a result of a compromise. Vulnerability management is an ongoing process that organizations can use to make their IT environment more secure, and become more regulatory compliant. This concept is a critical process that can be very useful and provide great return on investment when implemented carefully, monitored for effectiveness, and adjusted regularly.

Join Cyber Security Expert, Derek A. Smith, who will outline the key steps to effective vulnerability management and provide an in-depth look at the tools, challenges and best practices of each part of the VM lifecycle. The webinar will examine the following:

  • The laws of vulnerabilities
  • Need for vulnerability management
  • The vulnerability management lifecycle
  • The key to Security
  • The importance of classifying, measuring, integrating and auditing during vulnerability management, and more
  • 4 Steps to Reducing Risk with Vulnerability Management
  • Vulnerability management best practices
  • Using automated tools for Vulnerability Management