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Featuring renowned hacker, enterprise security MVP, and named by SC Magazine as one of the Top "Women to Watch” in security

*Please note this is a 90 minute session!*

Endpoint security controls are an integral layer in required for effectively protection against malware and other sophisticated cyberattacks. Although the cyberthreat landscape and hackers’ tactics are constantly evolving, basic IT security principles remain largely unchanged– the focus remains on prevention and protection. When implemented correctly, endpoint privilege management can dramatically reduce your organization’s attack surface, while helping to enhance the prevention, protection, and detection capabilities of your existing endpoint security solutions.

In this webinar, join renowned cybersecurity expert, Paula Januszkiewicz, to explore how to:

  • Thwart sophisticated hacking techniques with endpoint privilege management
  • Develop comprehensive security on the endpoint
  • Protect against, block, and contain attacks on the endpoint, to lower your organization’s cyber risk and mitigate the damage potential of an attack