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In the proverbial cat-and-mouse cyber-game neither the attacker nor the defender can maintain advantage for very long. Each side has to evolve. In other words should antivirus be the only protection we have? Absolutely not!

In this on-demand webinar, Enterprise Security MVP and Microsoft Security Trusted Advisor, Paula Januszkiewicz, will demonstrate attacker bypassing techniques, discuss the prevention methods admins should use in order to avoid the latest attacks, and explain why vulnerability management is such an important facet to your overall security strategy.

During this intensive session you will also become familiar with the mandatory tasks that are performed by hackers or penetration testers in order to check for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

Come and join the journey to the darker side of IT security and use this knowledge for making good decisions in your enterprise vulnerability management strategy.

During this webinar Paula will:

  • Demonstrate different techniques used by hackers that can be useful for reviewing the infrastructure
  • Demonstrate techniques that are useful for administrators
  • Demonstrate the weak points that administrators should pay attention to
  • Paula will be using a new CQURE Edition version of the mimikatz!