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In today’s cybersecurity battle neither the attacker nor the defender can maintain their advantage for very long. Each side has to evolve. But the bad guys don’t exactly take this challenge – they would rather respond with their own innovations in order to bypass detection mechanisms implemented by antivirus engineers. Many companies have decided that antivirus and firewall will be the only method of protection against the industry’s threats. Until today, this seemed to work for a while when the current malware comes under control.

Join hacker and enterprise security MVP, Paula Januszkiewicz, who will walk attendees through an intensive webinar that will determine if antivirus is really dead...or if it should not be the only protection used.

Paula will also touch on:

  1. Techniques of bypassing the antivirus mechanisms
  2. Tactics used today by malware that allows it to run
  3. Prevention methods to avoid being attacked by the newest cybercriminals’ innovations
  4. Why least privilege security is essential for defending against hackers

Then, BeyondTrust’s PowerBroker for Windows Product Manager, Jason Silva, will cap off this webinar by showing attendees how eliminating admin rights and elevating rights to secure applications only, can help augment traditional antivirus solutions and keep you guarded against these types of threats.