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On Demand Webinar

There has been a tremendous amount of buzz about insider attacks in today’s mainstream media. Even with all the buzz not many companies have actually implemented or invested the necessary security solutions. Experience shows that in the vast majority of companies, security guidelines are too generic and do not cover most of the security aspects in the newest software and operating systems. Attacks can originate from the evil user or, at times, come from unintentional sources. Are we ready if our users become evil or have CryptoLocker run amok?

Join renowned hacker and security expert, Paula Januszkiewicz, in this 60 minute on demand webinar where she will cover how to best:

  • Identify the vulnerabilities and misconfigurations found on your systems
  • Implement the appropriate and most effective mitigations on the OS
  • Prevent vulnerability attacks from happening in the first place with expert-proven techniques
  • Harden platform security and the communication between multiple platforms

Because it is always about the ‘little things and details’ that change the security game, Paula will arm you with the practical tips that can be implemented immediately!