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Featuring guest speaker, Windows hacker, Co-Founder and CTO of InGuardians, Jay Beale

In this hands-on, demo-heavy webinar, Jay Beale of InGuardians attacks an intentionally vulnerable Windows system based on "Metasploitable 3." This machine is an open source project created for practicing Metasploit Windows exploitation.

Jay will first emulate a cyberattacker in his Red team mode, exploiting a chain of vulnerabilities, picking up flags as he goes. Then, Jay will switch into Blue team mode, demonstrating proactive cyber defenses to break not only his Red team attack, but other potential exploits as well.

Don't miss this fun and useful webinar, where you'll get the chance to enhance both your attack and defense skills!

After the webinar, get your own Metasploitable 3 CTF machine going—simply download a copy of Kali Linux and repeat the attack and explore the defenses yourself!