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Featuring guest speaker, Co-Founder and CTO of InGuardians, Jay Beale

In this demo-heavy webinar, Jay Beale attacks a Linux capture-the-flag (CTF) machine, demonstrating how an attacker can use a chain of vulnerabilities to compromise a system. Jay will then put on his white hat and demonstrate a defense to break the attack chain.

Milnet is an intentionally-vulnerable capture-the-flag puzzle, created by Sebastian Brabetz and inspired by Cliff Stoll's book, The Cuckoo's Egg. The Cuckoo's Egg, one of the first bestselling books detailing a real hacking incident, landed Cliff Stoll on the New York Times, the floor of the US Senate, and, most recently, keynoting Ed Skoudis' Pen Test Hackfest Summit. In the book, Stoll tells the true-to-life story of how he caught a hacker. In the webinar, we'll be playing the hacker. If you like, you can even download the virtual machine from and follow along in this webinar, repeating the attack step by step.

Don't miss this fun and instructive webinar and the chance to get in the hacker’s seat to improve your Linux security chops!