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Are you able to identify who is doing what across your Windows servers? How well are you able to audit and report on events across all your privileged accounts? One of the ways to monitor such activities is to centralize the events so they can be read from one location. But what events should you be tracking in the first place and why?

Join Windows Security Expert and MCSE, Russell Smith, who will discuss the Windows Events you should be tracking right now and why. He will also show you how to set up Event Log subscriptions so you have better monitoring across your Windows environments. Additionally he will cover:

  • What types of Windows events you should be tracking (account creation, Security services disabled, RDP enabled, etc.)
  • What kind of information is recorded in Windows Event Logs and why they should be monitored
  • How to view Windows Event Logs

BeyondTrust’s, Morey Haber will then walk attendees through a brief overview of PowerBroker for Windows and how the product can effectively track the Windows events Russell discusses earlier. This is a webinar you don’t want to miss!