Active Directory (AD) domain controllers present a tantalizing gateway enabling hackers to pry into your entire IT infrastructure. Once privileged access to Active Directory is procured, a malicious actor can hide his/her tracks, while infiltrating the deepest levels of your organization. In this on-demand webinar, Russell Smith will demonstrate how to secure and restrict the use of privileged Active Directory accounts, while still enabling IT staff to efficiently manage AD, administer domain controllers, and support servers and end-user devices. Russell will cover how to securely:

  • Manage built-in administrator accounts
  • Delegate access to Active Directory
  • Use PowerShell for remote administration
  • Manage access to privileged domain groups

Get the corresponding white paper, "An 8-Step Guide to Administering Windows without Domain Admin Privileges".

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Russell Smith

Security Instructor

Russell Smith specializes in the management and security of Microsoft-based IT systems. In addition to being a Contributing Editor at the Petri IT Knowledgebase and is an instructor at Pluralsight. Russell has more than 13 years of experience in IT, and has written a book on Windows security, co-authored one for Microsoft?s Official Academic Course (MOAC) series, and was a regular contributor at Windows IT Professional magazine.