EU GDPR ushers in a high standard of data privacy and data handling practices for affected organizations. And negligent organizations could be on the hook for steep penalties. However, fundamentally, GDPR compliance is fairly straightforward, and a key part is ensuring the right identity and access controls are in place, which will also help prevent data breaches.

During this webinar, our expert panel will answer your questions on GDPR and identity access management (IAM) from multiple angles, while exploring the following:
  • How inadequacies in identity and privilege controls constitute a huge weakness in data handling practices (this is the number one vector of attack for adversaries to gain unwanted access to personal information)
  • The practices and technologies organisations are currently implementing or changing to adhere to GDPR
  • How identity management, when executed correctly, can be “the great enabler” – helping not only with GDPR compliance, but providing a foundation for a stronger security posture and a more seamless customer and user experience.

Our experts include:

Steve Wright Data Privacy & InfoSec Officer, John Lewis Partnership Anthony Mornet Founder & MD, IAM EXPERTS Martin Whitby Senior Evangelist, SailPoint Scott Lang Sr. Director Product Marketing, BeyondTrust