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If you're like most big companies, you probably have multiple remote access tools.

But did you know remote access tools are the #1 attack pathway for hackers?

That's why so many enterprise support organizations are switching to Bomgar.

Unlike old school point-to-point remote access tools and cloud-based solutions, Bomgar routes all activity through a secure appliance that sits behind your firewall under the security measures you already have in place.

With Bomgar, every session is guarded by the highest level of encryption. There's even a FIPS 140-2 Level 2 appliance if you need it.

Bomgar also integrates with Active Directory, LDAP and your multi-factor authentication solutions. So you can keep on managing accounts and credentials the way you already do.

You can't do that with point-to-point tools. And you'd probably think twice before routing all that data through the cloud.

With basic remote access tools, reps have all-or-nothing access to remote computers. It's like giving them the keys to a Maserati even though it may be more power than they actually need.

Not with Bomgar.

More than 50 permissions define what reps can do. So if a rep doesn't need a specific permission, you don't have to give it to him.

We call this “The no Maserati Rule”.

Even with all this security, you still need a way to audit support activity. With Bomgar, that's no problem.

Detailed reports, real-time dashboards, even video recordings are all kept in a tamper-proof appliance.

You can even use Bomgar to manage vendors' access to systems on your network, capturing an audit trail of everything they do!

Bomgar = secure remote support.

It's your data. You should own it.

Legacy remote access tools - such as RDP, VNC, pcAnywhere and others - give support technicians all-or-nothing access to remote desktops. Plus, they require open ports or non-standard firewall configuration to work over the internet. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools route sensitve data through third party servers, thereby extending your liability.

Bomgar addresses remote access security with our architecture, authentication, access control and audit trail.

Video Transcript