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You know that most of your support costs are in labor. But did you know that chat is one of the most effective ways to reduce those costs?

Studies show that chat costs 30-50% less per incident than phone support or on-site visits.

Problem is – most chat software isn’t designed for support. It’s made for sales and marketing – where the most complicated issue is how to use a website.

But you’re supporting complex customer applications. Chat designed for support should be different. That’s Bomgar.

Like most chat software, Bomgar integrates with your website or support portal and lets you manage a library of answers to common questions, making it easy for customers to request help. Most chat software stops there.
Bomgar is just getting going.

We let you match customers with the most appropriate rep based on support issues, technical skills, priority, and availability.

You can view remote system information, transfer files, access the command line, co-browse, do two-way screen sharing, collaborate with other reps and experts, and…

wait for it…

… elevate to full remote control with one easy click. So you can move from chatting to directly solving the customer’s problem in the same session.

Every step in the process is permission-based and guarded by the highest level of security. And Bomgar works whether your customer’s on a desktop or a mobile device.

Most chat software doesn’t work with your standard support processes and systems. Not Bomgar. We integrate with your CRM, service desk and ticketing solutions. And, after each session, tickets get updated with full chat transcripts and other details about the interaction.

So how does all this reduce costs?

Two ways.

First, unlike traditional support systems where one rep helps one customer at a time, chat support lets one rep help multiple customers simultaneously.

Second, instead of adding another standalone application, Bomgar lets you make chat integral - with full remote control. So you can go from chatting to actually solving the problem in the same session.

Costs go down and the love for the person who made all it happen goes up.

Chat - just one more feature that makes Bomgar designed for support.

Most of the chat support software available lets you offer help from your website ... and stops there. If a website visitor needs deeper support, you have to open a separate remote control application.

Bomgar is different. Because Bomgar is a complete remote support solution, you can easily move from chat support to screen sharing and remote control. After the support session, Bomgar can append the chat transcript and details from the remote support session to the customer's ticket.

Bomgar gives both you and your customer a seamless support experience.