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With iOS 11 + Bomgar, iPhone and iPad screen sharing is available over WiFi or cellular network connections. Users can receive screen sharing support on their iOS device no matter where they’re located.

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The Most Advanced, Secure Screen Sharing App for iPad and iPhone

With this update to iOS screen sharing, Bomgar now offers the most advanced and secure remote support app for iPad and iPhone. The customer client app for iOS enables all of the following.

  • Real-time screen sharing support
  • Video support with Bomgar InSight
  • Chat support
  • Remote screen capture
  • File transfer and remote system information
  • Support from multiple platforms to iOS
  • Lots of customizable security options before and during iOS support sessions
  • Audit and reporting after iOS support sessions, including video recordings

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Interested in trying out iPad/Phone screen sharing? It's included in the free trial of Bomgar Remote Support.

Sign up for a trial, then review the trial guide on iOS screen sharing to get started.

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