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It takes more than great people to run a high quality support operation.

You need the right technology.

Identity management tools like LDAP and Active Directory to manage user accounts . . .

systems like IT Service Management, CRM, self-help, and chat to manage the support process . . .

and analytics to tell you how you’re doing.

When you’re ready to add remote support technology to the mix, you want to be sure it works with everything else.

Problem is, most support solutions don’t.

Legacy tools, like RDP and VNC, have limited management, collaboration and reporting capabilities.

Cloud remote control tools may integrate with your systems, but integrating some systems with the cloud can be complicated. Or worse, compromise security.

None of that’s a problem with Bomgar.

Bomgar’s appliance-based deployment means you can plug into LDAP and Active Directory without worrying about 3rd party liability or platform availability.

Bomgar’s pre-built integrations let you leverage your investment in your existing environment.

Plus with our API and professional services, you can create any integration you want!

So if you want a remote support tool that can . . .

use your existing identity management tools to regulate permissions,

launch remote support from an open service desk ticket,

let you see, control, and fix the remote computer,

gather customer feedback with a satisfaction survey,

automatically populate the original ticket with details from the support session,

feed data into your existing reporting system or even e-mail you an alert if there was a low customer satisfaction score,

and make you a fresh pot of coffee . . .

with Bomgar, it’s noooo problemo.

All except for that last bit about the coffee.

Bomgar. Remote support designed for the enterprise.

Video Summary

Use Bomgar with Autotask, BMC, Dell KACE, Cherwell, Hornbill, HP, Salesforce, ServiceNow or your own system to create a seamless remote support experience. Learn more about integrating Bomgar Remote Support with your service desk.