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You’ve invested a lot of time and money into improving customer support. And yet you still have gaps in support, and low customer satisfaction.


Because time moves differently for your reps than it does for your customers.

The problem is “sequential support.” Even if your support reps keep their sessions short, sweet, and to the point, each transition from one technician to another creates a gap that keeps your customer waiting.

What if you could reduce the customer’s wait time with collaborative support, sharing the support load across teams of reps to eliminate the gaps?

With BeyondTrust, you can.

BeyondTrust helps reduce wait time by routing incoming requests to the least busy support rep on the team.

You can even match incidents requiring specific skills to the most qualified rep.

Once connected, reps can chat and co-browse to solve problems, or they can start full remote control which means you can resolve more problems in 1st tier.

Or if a 1st tier rep gets stuck, he can ask a more skilled rep for help right then and there. BeyondTrust automatically finds the right technician and joins them to the session. No matter where they are.

As a bonus, these collaborative sessions become valuable training opportunities for your less experienced reps.

And you can oversee and manage all of this collaboration in real time, even on your iPad.

Because BeyondTrust is big on collaborative support problems get resolved faster for everyone turning customer complaints into customer satisfaction . . . maybe even outright customer love - which you can measure after each BeyondTrust session.

BeyondTrust. Sessions are better when you share them.

Video Summary

Phone based support creates gaps for your customers and leads to lower customer satisfaction. BeyondTrust's collaborative remote support model helps you move away from phone-only tech support.

With BeyondTrust, reps can chat with multiple customers; escalate from chat to co-browsing, screen sharing or full remote control; and even collaborate with other reps, experts and vendors to resolve customers' problems. BeyondTrust's collaborative remote support model ensures you'll resolve more incidents in first tier and improve customer satisfaction.

Video Transcript