PowerBroker for Unix & Linux: When Super User Do Won’t Do.

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Every server running in your IT environment needs an account, and every account requires privileges.

Many organizations take inadequate steps in managing privileged accounts – leaving them vulnerable to attack and opening the door to potentially devastating data breaches.

When users need elevated privileges on a Unix or Linux server, security admins often turn to free tools like Super User Do, or Sudo (“soo-doo”).

Sudo enables privileged access without exposing the root password.

But it has flaws.

Like limited granularity, lack of data integrity and no log security.

Its policies typically need to be managed on each server, making it hard to lock down and prone to tampering.

With this ad-hoc tool, it’s virtually impossible to maintain security and compliance in complex environments.

Face it. With Sudo, you get what you pay for.

PowerBroker for Unix & Linux from BeyondTrust is part of a holistic platform that protects your organization with comprehensive layers of control, auditing, and analytics.

PowerBroker is the gold standard for centralized server privilege management on Unix and Linux servers. It goes far beyond Sudo and competitive solutions, offering critical capabilities such as:

  • automated and dynamic privilege elevation based on day, location and vulnerability status;
  • fine-grained, policy-based controls for least-privilege management;
  • centralized collection, storage and indexing of logs and session recordings;
  • threat analytics that correlate user behavior with vulnerability data and intelligence from other security solutions;
  • auditing and reporting on changes to critical policy, system, application and data files;
  • remote session control that can run elevated commands without logging on as root 

Most of all, PowerBroker reduces the time-consuming redundancies and complex security exposures created by locally managed tools like Sudo.

PowerBroker. The end-to-end privilege management solution that delivers visibility, control, and protection for Unix and Linux systems — with the simplicity of a single, centralized, console.

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PowerBroker for Unix & Linux: When Super User Do Won’t Do.

Lindsay Marsh