PowerBroker Server Privilege Management Overview

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Customer records, financial data, and intellectual property. This is what malicious insiders and hackers want most, making tier-1 servers lucrative targets. Root or admin accounts are the easiest paths to these critical systems, and it’s your job to keep them safe. But it’s also your job to provide administrators sufficient access to move business forward.

Get the balance between security and productivity wrong, and you either have a breach on your hands, a compliance violation, or operations grinding to a halt.

Most solutions stop at basic privilege delegation, without regard for how the root or admin account is protected. How do you know if an administrator poses a security threat? What if the server runs software with known vulnerabilities or other security exposures?

If you’re managing this using freeware like sudo, or cobbling together point solutions, you’re introducing complexity – and with complexity comes risk.

Powerbroker Server Privilege Management provides comprehensive visibility and control over Unix, Linux and Windows servers – and the users that access them. The solution provides deep, integrated capabilities to ensure security and compliance:

  • Discover, store and rotate privileged passwords and SSH keys
  • Delegate privileges with fine-grained policy controls
  • Monitor sessions and log keystrokes for audits
  • Reveal vulnerabilities and other asset exposures
  • Bridge Unix, Linux and Mac to Active Directory for simplified single sign-on

All of this is backed by extensive reporting, plus advanced threat and behavioral analytics, to reveal and communicate risk. As a result, you gain the visibility and control you need to protect your organization’s data and move your business forward.

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PowerBroker Server Privilege Management Overview

Chris Burd