PowerBroker Privileged Access Management Platform Overview

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The headlines are full of data breaches resulting in catastrophic losses, and many of them have gone undetected for months.


Well, the vast majority of breaches involve insiders. Sometimes it’s trusted employees or partners who abuse or misuse privileged access. Other times it’s outside attackers who have leveraged social engineering, exploited vulnerabilities, and hijacked accounts to become insiders.

It’s a complex problem, created by a complex environment. Unfortunately, too many organizations battle these threats the old way – with patchworks of disparate tools. The result? Gaps in visibility, gaps in control, and gaps in security. All because of more complexity.

BeyondTrust offers a simpler approach with PowerBroker, a comprehensive, integrated platform for privileged access management. At its core are 3 primary solutions:

With PowerBroker, you can start with a single best-of-breed solution and easily add others as your needs evolve. Each delivers a broad and deep feature set, and all share a common interface backed by powerful platform capabilities.

  • Automatically discover all assets and accounts in your environment;
  • Reveal hidden threats with vulnerability intelligence and behavioral analytics;
  • Communicate risk with hundreds of customizable reports;
  • Connect with third-party solutions to inform analytics and share data;
  • And centralize and enforce security policies enterprise-wide.

Everything is tightly integrated, so you can close security gaps with maximum visibility and control.

Take the simple approach to complete privileged access management: Start your free trial now!

PowerBroker Privileged Access Management Platform Overview

Chris Burd