PowerBroker Enterprise Password Security Overview

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Enterprise passwords are the keys to your IT kingdom, and abuse or misuse of those credentials is the cause of most data breaches today. To improve control over those privileged credentials and prevent these damaging data breaches from happening, organizations must store them securely, rotate them regularly, and monitor their use.

Most password management solutions can securely store and rotate credentials. Some even offer session monitoring add-ons for auditing and compliance.

However, traditional password management tools stop there, leaving a major security gap. The problem is, most solutions fail to determine if the systems those credentials protect are safe and secure to access in the first place. Without an integrated solution, you simply can’t bridge the gap between password and system security.

PowerBroker Enterprise Password Security is different. With PowerBroker, you gain unified visibility and control over privileged credentials – as well the systems they’re designed to protect. The solution offers deep, integrated capabilities for:

  • Discovering and managing all privileged accounts and SSH keys in your environment
  • Storing and rotating credentials
  • Revealing application and asset vulnerabilities before granting privileged access
  • Monitoring sessions in real-time to ensure accountability
  • Reporting on password, user and account behavior
  • Revealing risky accounts and assets through threat and behavioral analytics

As opposed to other solutions on the market, PowerBroker provides all of this in a single solution that closes security gaps and simplifies deployments, while keeping costs under control.

Stop damaging breaches before they start. Request a free trial of PowerBroker Enterprise Password Security today.

PowerBroker Enterprise Password Security Overview

Chris Burd