PowerBroker Endpoint Least Privilege Overview

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Today, it’s all too common for employees and other insiders to have unnecessary, privileged access to your IT systems. If a malicious insider or outside attacker gains these privileges, they can be used to steal data from across your organization.

The problem is, many common business tasks require elevated privileges. So how do you strike a balance between enabling users to be productive and protecting sensitive systems and data?

Most least-privilege solutions start by removing administrator privileges from users – but it can’t be an all or nothing proposition. What happens when a user with limited rights needs to access an application that requires elevated rights?

Elevate the user? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of least privilege?

Even if the user is innocent, all they need to do is click on a phishing email, and an attacker can hijack vulnerable applications – exploiting their access to your environment.

PowerBroker Endpoint Least Privilege closes security gaps left by other solutions, providing you with comprehensive visibility and control over user, account and system security. Even if an endpoint is compromised, PowerBroker minimizes the attacker’s access to your environment.

The solution offers deep, integrated capabilities for:

  • Discovering, managing and monitoring privileged passwords;
  • Enforcing least privilege by elevating rights to applications, not users;
  • Revealing application and asset vulnerabilities before delegating privileges;
  • Monitoring and reporting on password, user and account behavior;
  • And revealing risky users and assets through threat and behavioral analytics.

Whether your environment consists of Windows endpoints, Mac endpoints, or both, PowerBroker provides a more complete, easy-to-use, and cost-effective least-privilege solution. See for yourself by requesting a free trial today.

PowerBroker Endpoint Least Privilege Overview

Lindsay Marsh