Protect Identities, Endpoints, and Data with a Blended Malware Defense from BeyondTrust

Malware has been around since the moment computers became connected to networks. This occurred after the (ARPANET) became fully operational in 1971. The first computer virus (Creeper, 1971) was simply a non-malicious experiment. Back then, the threat landscape was practically non-existent.

Today, threat actors have drastically scaled their malicious efforts. They are using the same decades-old tactics, while also leveraging nascent technologies like AI/ML to increase the speed and efficacy of their attacks. Attackers are also using more evasive techniques that go undetected by traditional AV and anti-malware approaches.

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Download the infographic to explore the most common types of malware and discover how BeyondTrust Identity Security and Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions provide a powerful, blended defense against them.

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