Unify Least Privilege & Endpoint Security to Condense the Threat Surface

Endpoint Privilege Management for Windows: ePO Edition is the ideal management platform for enterprises that want to leverage their existing McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) infrastructure. This solution provides single console visibility of privilege management for Windows alongside your other security products.

Technical Benefits

  • Full integration with McAfee ePO: McAfee ePO is a strategic platform for managing security in the organization. The team responsible for McAfee ePO typically manages privilege management for Windows endpoints as well. The Endpoint Privilege Management for Windows ePO extension provides the familiar user experience of ePO, allowing for a quick start and a streamlined workflow.
  • Simple set up: Easy deployment into your existing McAfee ePO infrastructure means a straightforward implementation process with no new hardware required.
  • Precise targeting: Deliver Endpoint Privilege Management for Windows policy with McAfee ePO’s flexible Policy Assignment features for precise targeting.
  • Intelligent reports and dashboards: Extensive auditing and reporting is delivered within the McAfee ePO Dashboards & Reports. Seamless integration with an external database provides additional scalability and enhanced reporting functionality.
  • End-to-end management in ePO: Endpoint Privilege Management for Windows agent deployment, policy definition and assignment, and reporting are all managed from the McAfee ePO web interface.
  • Endpoint protection: Choose the McAfee ePO Edition for management of endpoints from one central policy editor and web interface