Your Day-to-Day BeyondTrust Solution Advisor

Your BeyondTrust implementation is a critical part of your environment, and you need it running smoothly and configured according to best practices. BeyondTrust Technical Account Managers (TAMs) help ensure that you are receiving maximum value from your BeyondTrust investment.

BeyondTrust TAMs are technical resources who will partner with you to gain an in-depth knowledge of your BeyondTrust environment and business operations. Your BeyondTrust TAM will become your trusted advisor and advocate within BeyondTrust. Your BeyondTrust TAM is uniquely positioned to provide a proactive approach to the support and ongoing operation of your BeyondTrust investment.

An engagement with a BeyondTrust Technical Account Manager is recommended for the following scenarios:

  • Your BeyondTrust environment is an important component of your privileged access management and secure remote access/support management strategy.
  • Your IT staff doesn’t have the time to dedicate themselves to becoming BeyondTrust experts.
  • Your BeyondTrust environment is complex, or integrated with external systems.
  • Your organization would benefit from regularly scheduled meetings with a BeyondTrust expert.
  • You want a single point of contact for escalations who will “own” your high priority issues until they are resolved.
  • You want to ensure that your solution is running smoothly, optimally, and configured according to best practices.
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