Privileged Password Management and Privileged Session Management

Remote access solutions provide the ability to manage computer systems from a remote location. When properly deployed, remote access solutions provide significant benefits and cost-savings to organizations and managed service providers. These solutions allow companies to provide remote support in distributed environments and across customers. However, while these products can provide significant benefit and cost-savings, it is crucial that they be properly managed as system compromises can have a sweeping impact.

In many cases, administrators of these systems choose login credentials that can be guessed in attacks. Even strong, complex passwords may not be enough to prevent breaches. For instance, TeamViewer, LogMeIn and other remote access solutionsare often put at risk when the same usernames and passwords are used across the infrastructure – or when passwords are infrequently changed. Once credentials are compromised, attackers can access remote computers to siphon sensitive data from the organization or install custom malware.