Privileged Password Management and Privileged Session Management for Oracle Infrastructures

The “crown jewels” for most organizations, and indeed most hackers, is the database server. Protecting the database is priority number one for security and operations teams alike. Gaps in security and weaknesses in processes can put many organizations at risk as they try to balance efficiencies against operational impact. While proper configuration and timely patching can help address platform vulnerabilities, they do not address the three common database attack vectors being used today:

  • Brute force attacks against weak or default passwords: Oracle environments are often put at risk when weak, or common, usernames and passwords are used across the infrastructure – or when passwords are infrequently changed. Once credentials are compromised, attackers can siphon sensitive data from the organization via custom malware and other malicious techniques.
  • Privilege compromise: Successfully compromised legitimate accounts that have database access are difficult to detect.
  • Malicious insider (privilege abuse): Users (employees, contractors, or service providers) abuse legitimate data access privileges for unauthorized purposes.