Secure Your Vendor Remote Access with PowerBroker Password Safe

Your IT infrastructure is critical to your organization’s success, and support from vendors is often necessary to keep your IT environment functioning properly. Vendors could include product specialists, systems engineers, support staff, developers, consultants, and more. However, unmanaged and unaudited remote access threatens security and undermines your regulatory compliance efforts. So, how do you provide your vendors access, without sacrificing security or audit controls? Critical questions to answer:

  • How do you secure 3rd-party access easily and cost effectively?
  • How do you ensure vendors only have the access they need, when they need it?
  • How do you prevent unauthorized vendor access?
  • How do you drive accountability for shared credentials on vendor equipment?
  • How do you ensure vendor devices are using complex and unique passwords?
  • How do you guarantee vendor-managed device passwords are regularly changed?