BeyondTrust Privileged Identity continuously discovers, tracks, and automatically provides privileged accounts with unique and frequently changing credentials, ensuring that powerful privileged identities are only available to audited users on a temporary, delegated basis.

Privileged Identity Features and Capabilities

  • Rotate and Randomize at Scale: Perform up to thousands of password rotations per minute from a single node. Add more nodes for more throughput.
  • Auto-Discovery: Continuously detect systems, devices, accounts, and service accounts as they come on and off the network.
  • Secure Password Storage and Activity Logging: Quickly place privileged account passwords behind a secure wall for restricted access.
  • Service Account Management: Reset business critical service accounts without worry, while maintaining optimal system uptime and business continuity with the largest library of connectors available.
  • App to App Credential Security: Remove hard-coded passwords from applications and scripts to securely manage application-toapplication credentials, without human intervention.
  • Seamless Credential Injection: Directly inject credentials into end servers and systems with BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access or BeyondTrust Remote Support integration.


  • Superuser login accounts used to change configuration settings, run programs, and perform IT admin duties.
  • Service accounts that require privileged logins and passwords to run with dependencies across systems.
  • Application credentials used by web services, line-ofbusiness applications, and custom software to connect to databases and middleware.
  • SSH keys that never expire and are widespread throughout the infrastructure.
  • Cloud identities on Office 365, Azure Active Directory, Amazon AWS, IBM SoftLayer, Rackspace,, and other platforms