Audit, Alert and Recover Active Directory Changes

Trying to keep up with all the changes made in Active Directory can be an extremely time-consuming and complex process, with delays in discovering and addressing changes possibly leading to business disruption, not to mention the security and compliance implications of such changes.

Maintain Business Continuity with PowerBroker

PowerBroker helps IT organizations meet PCI, SOX, HIPAA, and other compliance requirements by auditing, alerting, and recovering Active Directory changes in real time. Pinpoint changes that introduce security risks, jeopardize compliance, or impact operations via the solution’s real-time tracking of who performed each change, what changed (including pre/post values), when the change occurred, and where the change was made.

“The PowerBroker Auditor Suite, including PowerBroker Auditor, is a formidable set of tools for administrators dealing with Microsoft-centric technologies.” — Kuppinger Cole